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The Planetarium

I'll start with the facts: Female - Azn - smart(ish?) - average height and two big thing: I'm a chocoholic and a J-Rocker! The facts of my personality: I'm a loveable person. Very supportive. Fun to have. Helpful to me friends and family. Nice and friendly. As modest can I can be. Introvert. Can be extroverted sometimes. Almost a big risk-taker. But I'm also the conscience, sometimes. I'm both. Really open for anything. Is a lover (addict) with: fanfiction, just is awesome, only j-rock bands (Alice Nine or GazettE), romance, the whole flowers, candy, cards and kisses, electric guitars, though I don't have one =[, RPG, *wonders if people know what this is*, really a computer addict. I'll just go on te computer for hours and hours. Starting to become a bad thing. Is also a lover (addict) for graphics. Though I can't create any. So don't ask me for requests. Cannot do those! I love to have fun or joke around, tease, with my friends. Prank prone, well not prone. But I absolutely love it. Also....I'm a manga and a j-drama fanatic!!!! I'm also trying to be a photofanatic. If that is a word. The shows I watch are mostly just entertainment shows, drama shows here and there. One thing that I really want do is actually sing. Don't comment, please on it. I really, really, want to learn these languages: Japanese, Flip..shhh, French, Italian, German, English (Enlgand Accent)...that's it I think. That'll happen like in the future!!!

The opinions or downsides of my persona. My anger, can be really lit off very easily. I'm still trying to be patient. I'm a sometimes patient in a couple things of what I do. I'm really a big procrastinator. I'll start on a projet, barely like on the first day and wait until the last minute. I'll rush. Yesh, I'm a curser. Eh. What are you gonnna do? I get really freakin' lazy. If I don't do something in fifteen minutes, tops, I'll just be 'eh whatever. forget it. I don't feel like doing it.' Which gets me to the procrastinating thing. I seem aggressive, and I really am, to like a couple of my friends. I'm like 'what do you want!?' Or maybe that's my mood. Oh, another thing is that my mood can change really quickly. One second I'm happy, the next I'm sad or pissed off. It's mostly becaus one of the things I mentioned above.

That's all for now peoples!!
Maybe I'll updated later...eh

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